New Electric Scooter with an Incredible 280 km Range – Mark 2
Mark 2 Electric Scooter

New Electric Scooter with an Incredible 280 km Range – Mark 2

As the prices of petrol and diesel continue to soar up, many people have begun to browse for e-vehicles, especially an electric scooter that deliver excellent performance and mileage. This high demand of battery scooters has prompted several automobile companies to launch energy efficient and budget-friendly two-wheelers.

With an incredible drive range of over 280 km, Simple Energy is all set to soon launch its new electric scooter – Mark 2.

Boasting a fascinating sporty design and a capacity of 4.2 kWh, this battery-charged scooter has three modes for riding – Eco (range – 60 km), Normal (220 km) and Sports (180 km). Besides, it has a removable battery engineered by Panasonic that uses 4.2kWh energy and 3.7-volt power supply, and a cooling system for keeping up the optimum temperature and delivering high efficiency.

There are essential hi-tech features too, including wireless internet access and Bluetooth. Furthermore, it had also been given for testing to delivery men working for Zomato, Uber Eats and Ola, receiving a favorable feedback from all these platforms.

How is this Electric Scooter better than a Fuel One?

One of the primary reasons for the introduction of electronic two wheelers was the protection of environment in a way that doesn’t compromise on the convenience and budget of the common man. Keeping up with this vision, this clean and green vehicle provides a great riding experience with a low running cost in comparison to petrol scooters.

Undoubtedly, a simple scooter will use fuel worth Rs. 16,000 (approx.) for 1 year while a battery operated scooter will consume electricity costing Rs. 1,500 (approx.) for that same time period.

Why Mark 2 looks more promising than other E-scooters in India?

Let’s compare a best selling electronic two-wheeler, Honda Activa 6G with Simple Mark 2. Surprisingly, the former has a power of 7.79 PS and a torque of 8.79 Nm while the latter delivers 9.51 PS and 72 Nm. Moreover, Honda’s electric scooter gives a drive range of 250 km while Mark 2 provides minimum of 280 km of riding range.

These considerations along with some others make it one of the best upcoming electric scooters in India.

Meet the Brain behind this Excellent EV:

Embarking his entrepreneurial journey with a shoes brand Airstep, Suhas Rajkumar, a 24 year-old architect and entrepreneur, went on to establish two more ventures including Simple Energy which was founded in 2019. It’s a Bangalore based start-up with a team of young and skilled designers and engineers which aims at coming up with scooters that are not only eco-friendly but affordable, too.

This electric vehicle will be launched in Feb 2021 and is expected to be priced between Rs.1 to 1.10 lakhs. It is also likely to be available on popular trading platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. It’ll certainly be apt for enjoying a smooth and great ride when heading out to your college or workplace.

Author – Mahak Saluja

Information sources: Daily Hunt, Motoroids, Financial Express and Jansatta.

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