Earn extra money while driving your car


How to register as a driver with ONS?

1)Download the ONS app from Play Store or App Store

2)Fill the basic details.

3)Upload your documents like License and essential Certificates

Within 24 hours your ONS account will get verified.
Now you will get Rides through ONS.


why ons?


We at ONS provide first two months commission free Fare And later on it becomes only 5% and We assure our drivers that it won’t be more than 9% for lifetime.

Skip the middleman

Get direct payment from passenger at the end of ride . Now don’t wait for payments anymore get it just after the ride.


Free and Quick Registration

Registration just got simpler. Now no need to carry your documents and wait in queue as ONS provide quick,secure and FREE registration through Mobile Phones only.

Accept profit making rides only

Ons always show you the passenger offered price and destination if you don’t like offer your price and make profitable ride every time.

Earn more money with us

Choose your own hours, make more money.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s an online process. Anyone can register from any place at any time.

ONS is a commission-free service for 2 months and later on, it becomes 5 % per ride and it will not be more than 9% in a lifetime.

The customer will directly pay the price to the driver after the ride. There is no interference of the company.

The driver will send the commission to the company by different modes of payment available to them.

The driver’s account is freezed until the payment is made

We allow our drivers to offer their own price for every ride.
They can also negotiate the prices with the customer to get a profitable ride every time.

download the ONS app

Catching a ride in Delhi NCR just got cheaper. We match drivers and riders through ONS app.