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Welcome to ONS 

We believe in providing a fair platform to drivers 

and customers with no surcharges .

How ONS works?

Select Destination


Order and get Minimum Fare

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Why Ride With ONS ?

For Customer

For Driver

20-25% less on Every ride

Now you can save upto 25% on each ride and get cheaper rides every time.

Start with 0% commission

First two months commission free Fare
After that it becomes only 5% and We assure our drivers that it won’t be more than 9% for lifetime.

Negotiable Prices

ONS allows customers to negotiate the price of each ride with the driver.

Skip the middleman

Now don’t wait for payments anymore Get it just after the ride from the customer.

No Surcharges

Only pay what you see on screen “we guarantee that no surcharges will be added “.


Free Registration !

Registration just got simpler as ONS provides quick, secure and Free registrations.

What is ONS ?

ONS is a ride-hailing cab service in Delhi NCR which cares for their passengers and give them a chance to choose their driver and fare according to your estimate price on the tap of a button.

download the ONS app

Catching a ride in Delhi, New Delhi and Noida just got cheaper. We match drivers and riders through ONS app.


24/7 Customer Support

Chat support is provided for 24*7  to solve the query of Customers and Drivers.

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Your safety our Priority

Easy to connect emergency services when in need with loved onces.


Freedom to choose

All our  customers as well as Driver-Partners have freedom to choose the ride or passenger.

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